… my experiences in India

Here I Am

“Wherever You Go, There You Are.”

Thanks Jon Kabat-Zinn, the title of your book is Profound.

… And Here I Am…

Chennai, India. Creating a blog to acknowledge my existence in this colourful, wonderful, littered land.

‘Accompanying husband’ is my apparent reason for existence here in India, according to my visa. But what is my reason?

  • To discover what it means to sacrifice my dreams and desires to fulfil that of another.
  • To broaden and deepen my spiritual practice.
  • To discover my ‘edge’ (as Pema Chodron would describe it) AKA groundlessness/despair and grow from the meeting.
  • To let go of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ of a 30-year-old white female living in Britain today.

And what have I got from being here so far?

  • An intense confrontation with my ‘edge’ at a yoga retreat which ultimately had a soothing effect upon me.
  • The realisation that the therapeutic work I used to engage in was fuelled by my own need for self exploration.
  • An understanding that I am attached to my spiritual practice of mindfulness (which incidentally promotes impermanence and non-attachment).
  • An understanding of the social impact of no welfare state.
  • An understanding of the environmental impact of no comprehensive recycling or refuse collection in a country drowning in plastic.

So, here I am and there you are.

3 Responses to “Here I Am”

  1. Hey
    There is something about ‘Medium is the message’ I see here in contrast to your facebook profile.
    Facebook facilitated breath, whereas traditional blogs encourage depth. 🙂

    Hat tip!

    -Balaji S.

  2. Most deinately; I found myself having the time and space to reflect my experiences following some careful consideration. Whereas with Facebook, it’s all about one liners.

    A very different experience!

  3. Just reflecting on the “Wispa” phenomenon – I think I see a new word to encompass “blogging” and “mind boggling” – the new experience of being “bloggled” — !! – as in “completely bloggled”!
    I’m touched by your reflection and awareness.

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