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Facebook Phenomena

According to confused of calcutta, a Facebook group in UK has gained the power to make Cadbury reinstate it’s apparently much missed chocolate bar, Wispa, albeit temporarily.

As people realise their consumer power on-line, I am boggled by what people actually consider important.

I do not miss Wispa chocolate bar and I am bemused that people would be so bothered about it’s absence – after all there are still 65 other chocolate bars to choose from!

Perhaps it’s about keeping the past alive, reminiscing about what one used to do back in the days of Wispa chocolate bars. Or as quoted in the discussion, it could just be “a trendy joke that snowballed”.

The consumer choice that we now demand and expect seems absurd in the face of what I see on a daily basis. I see people with barely enough to live on, children begging in the street, families living in rubbish dumps and a city that is choking itself with fumes.

This Facebook Phenomena is another demonstration how the gap between rich and poor, the East and West is further widened. In the West we are up in arms if one of our chocolate bars is withdrawn from sale, whereas I see most people on a low income in Chennai buy whatever is in season, affordable and local.

Paradoxically, there is a growing movement in UK to buy organic, local, seasonal produce, so looks like some of us are coming full circle. The main difference being that those in the UK have made a choice about where their food has come from, they can write about it on the Internet should they choose to and stuff their faces with chocolate bars should they choose to.

Choice. The more choice we get, the more choice we want.

From another angle, I expect people without access to the web or packaged consumer goods are much more in touch with what it means to be alive and living in the present moment. They are also less likely to suffer from obesity or eating disorders.

So who’s better off?


One Response to “Facebook Phenomena”

  1. no you cant say that there is a difference in the east and west . the only thing is the perception of different people to live differentiates . thats it! whether he is living in uk or channai

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