… my experiences in India


… “to be boggled by blogs”.

This portmanteau of (boggled blog) was introduced in a comment under my post “Here I am” and it describes how I am feeling.

The boom in social media with websites such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Flickr has got the Sociologist in me questioning what impact this virtual world is having on us humans.

There seem to be definate advantages:

  • Empowerment of disenfranchised groups from Wispa lovers to Lefty Aussies
  • More power to the people! Less power to the corporations! More people are questioning services/products/organisations instead of blind sheep mentality.
  • Blog material can be read without being judged on the basis of the authors race, appearance, weight, gender, (dis)ability etc. Equal Opps in action.
  • People are instantly connected with others across the world who have got similar interests, ideas and opinions regardless of those old fashioned barriers of time and space.
  • We’re spending more time indoors! This increases our safety as we’re not exposing ourselves to the risk of being run-over, mugged or becoming hearing impaired by the constant flow of horn-loving traffic on the streets (of India).
  • We don’t need to live in inner city chaos and spend huge amounts of money on rent, food or transport to enjoy connecting and working with people worldwide.
  • It’s a winner for the environment! Less paper, less travel and more time to sort out your recycling!

… and the disadvantages:

  • As we spend more time indoors, it makes it more difficult to go outdoors. We may get detached, removed and fearful of what is it really like out there in the ‘real’ world. Agoraphobia on the increase?
  • Internet usage remains an exclusive activity, only 17.8% of worlds the population use the Internet. So the most disenfranchised groups remain so.
  • Will we lose the knack of speaking to one another face-to-face? Will we be unable to relate without having a few seconds/minutes/days to diffuse any uncomfortable feelings before composing an ‘appropriate’ response?

Looks like there’s more advantages than disadvantages which (in my world of decision making) means I’m in!

… unless anyone has got any other ideas?!?!?!?!

3 Responses to “Bloggled…”

  1. Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law and Gilder’s Law will make sure that connectivity is less exclusive and that devices are more affordable.

    As wireless achieves Wimax and passes it we should see more connected activity outdoors.

    As mobile devices achieve ubiquity we should see more connected activity on the move.

    And if we, as a collective, ensure that IPR becomes sane, then we will see most people in most places able to interact with each other and with the “content” they are interested in.

  2. And while all that happens the ‘Early Adapter’ elite(17.8 %) will be inventing the new subculture with perhaps ultra high speed Fiber to home or some other with immersive interface?

    Your reasons for staying indoors are very amusing!

  3. I agree, devices will inevitably become more affordable and ubiquitous, but this brings it’s own tragedy’s…

    Have you ever witnessed two people who have met up for a coffee and both of them are on mobile phones? I’m concerned this dis-ease will spread if we’ve all got hand held internet connections.
    It’s absolutely fantastic to use the technology, but it can become an obsession; always thinking something better can be done with ones time instead of enjoying present company and present moment. Distractions galore!

    The ‘Early Adapters’ may well be feeling this acute tension already.

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