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Fruit and Veg


The Observer printed an article on Sunday that revealed “all expectant mothers are to be given a one-off payment of around £120 that they will be encouraged to spend on fresh fruit and vegetables as a way of protecting their children from diseases and incurable conditions later in life”.

Fantastic! As long as the mothers spend it on fruit and vegetables…

I guess there’s always a risk that they could spend it on booze and fags, but nevermind…

What about offering a range of free seminars for mothers-to-be covering topics such as healthy shopping, mindful consumption and low fat, nutritious cooking as part of the deal?

Here’s I think the £120 could be most effectively used:

  • £25 towards running 2 seminars per mother.
  • £5 towards providing a slap up healthy lunch for the mothers-to-be as a way of enticing them along (AKA bribery).
  • £90 paid to newly educated mothers upon completion of two seminars.

Financial assistance and a wee bit of education could go along way. And while we’re at it, how about some yoga classes too… and a meditation workshop…

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