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What is Mindfulness?

… awareness… breathing… concentration… connectedness…

I believe in mindfulness because it is universal and can be omniscient.

… mindfulness, precisely because it is not formulaic, and because it has to do with the quality of our experience as human beings and the degree to which we can pay attention to our lives, is truly universal in scope, and therefore relevant in virtually all circumstances. Everybody has a mind; everybody has a body; everybody can pay attention intentionally; and everybodys life unfolds only in moments. Mindfulness doesn’t tell us what to do, but it does give us a way to listen.

Jon & Myla Kabat-Zinn ~ Everyday Blessings. Page 35.

So if it is so powerful and available, why aren’t we all doing it?

Because it’s hard bloody work!!! Who wants to be fully present to the feelings of anger, hurt, jealousy? It’s much easier to turn on the TV, PC or mobile phone than to lean into these difficult feelings. In fact it’s actually cool to be distracted from self. Look at the adverts, they consist of people enjoying themselves by distracting themselves with all the latest mod-cons. It’s not cool to sit, be quite, be aware and present to whatever is… it doesn’t sell.

So with the rapid development of software companies in Chennai, I am assuming locals are becoming less and less mindful as they get sucked into the consumerist lifestyle, am I right?

Quick mindfulness test for you:

  • Do you remeber brushing your teeth this morning?
  • Before you read this sentence, did you know what the weather was doing outside?
  • Can you remember what colour underwear you are wearing today?
  • Can you remember the last person you smiled at today?

How mindful are you?

2 Responses to “What is Mindfulness?”

  1. Everything that you call mind did you not get it from the five sense organs? The sense organs by design are tuned to interact and survive in the external environment.
    Mind is the distraction. Mind cunningly assigns the blame to something else. Is mindfulness a way to become friendly with this distractor? Is Mindfulness actually Mindlessness( as in influence of the mind is lesser)?

    A casual reading of above will tend to equate Alertness to Mindfulness whereas when you are present, you tend to notice more and be more alert automatically.

    BTW, the quote block( style) is not easy to read.

  2. To me, mindfulness is being alert to my five senses, my feelings and my surroundings.

    I agree that a friendly attitude with the mind is important, but I am not trying to make the influence of the mind less.

    My aim is to use my mind deliberately to be here now.

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