… my experiences in India



As someone new to blogging, I was invited to attend this Unconference.

I was going to try live blogging for the first time, but how can one ‘live blog’ when one doesn’t understand what the f*ck is being said? I was out of my depth.


OK, so I took some pictures and made some notes… and I found out that what I did understand didn’t actually interest me.

I don’t give a shit about making loads of money, so I guess that’s what separated me from the rest of the crowd.

100_06081.jpg Mahesh Marthy made predictions about the future of Search Engine Optimization.

100_0609.jpg Rajeev Bala revealed how to make lots of money in search, apparently.

100_0620.jpg After lunch, there was a panel debate on whether to facilitate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in-house or to outsource. Seeing as most of the panelists relied on comapies outsourcing, you can guess how the debate went.

What did I learn?

I learnt that attending an unconference on a topic you don’t understand is very disempowering.

… however, talking to other bloggers during the breaks was useful for me. Lets hope my next unconferenc is more:

a. understandable b. relevant c. fun


3 Responses to “SearchCamp”

  1. Too bad you didnt attend the second day.
    Being the youngest guy in the crowd and being an *ahem* expert in organic seo didnt really help me a lot attending these sessions.

    There was a lot to be learnt from this event though – Never self promote ( That goes out to the iddy’s who tried that )

    Kudos to you for being frank!

  2. […] Since attending SearchCamp last weekend I have managed to clarify my […]

  3. Stottpott, yes the first day was not worth the time honestly. The second day had some shine. You missed it.

    Mani (The guy in the grey shirt :-p )

    See the pics here – http://www.dailyseoblog.com/searchcamp/index.html

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