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How do you start your day?

In South India, millions of Hindu women start their day by painting a prayer called a Kolam on their front porch.

These intricate symmertical designs are drawn with rice flour (food for the ants and crows). If you’ve ever seen one being drawn, you will have been amazed at the speed and precision that these women use. It’s as though they are using a magic white pen! Not one spec of rice dust is out of place.

This welcoming attitude represents one of the differences between my life in England and my life in Chennai.

In England of a morning, people are drinking coffee, rushing out of their doors, spirituality seems forgotten and any small animals/insects encountered on the way are seen as pests.

In Chennai doors are open, people and animals are welcomed in and spirituality is integral to everyones day. Kinda nice don’t you think?

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One Response to “How do you start your day?”

  1. Please supply more details on Navaeatri Prayers and also some Tamil songs that is related to this prayer.

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