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Great Horned Owl

November 19, 2007

Harry Potter eat your heart out 🙂 We went to Nanmangalam Reserve with the Madras Naturalist Society at the weekend and we saw this beautiful Great Horned Owl. Just goes to show there’s more to Chennai than meets the dusty eye. Advertisements

What Makes a Good Yoga Teacher?

November 15, 2007

Having practiced yoga since 2000, I felt I was ready to become a yoga teacher. I found Dr Hema at the Indian Institute for Yoga in Chennai and decided to take their Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy course. I graduated as a Yoga Teacher yesterday. Now I’m asking myself: “What makes a good yoga […]


October 22, 2007

Being newly exposed to South India and Hinduism, my understanding of the icons, festivals and rituals is slowly developing. Visiting the Mylapore Trio last week during the Golu-doll-Goddess-worshipping festival of Navarathri helped my understanding deepen a little. Navarathri is a 9 day festival that worships three Goddesses (Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi) for three days each. Similar […]

How do you start your day?

October 16, 2007

In South India, millions of Hindu women start their day by painting a prayer called a Kolam on their front porch. These intricate symmertical designs are drawn with rice flour (food for the ants and crows). If you’ve ever seen one being drawn, you will have been amazed at the speed and precision that these […]


October 8, 2007

As someone new to blogging, I was invited to attend this Unconference. I was going to try live blogging for the first time, but how can one ‘live blog’ when one doesn’t understand what the f*ck is being said? I was out of my depth. OK, so I took some pictures and made some notes… […]

Farmers Suicide

October 3, 2007

2nd October. An Indian National Holiday to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday. AID and Youth for Social Change used this public holiday to hold a vigil for the suffering that is currently going on in the farming communities of India. Farmers in India are in extreme social and economic distress. They are faced with huge inflation […]

What is Mindfulness?

September 27, 2007

… awareness… breathing… concentration… connectedness… I believe in mindfulness because it is universal and can be omniscient. … mindfulness, precisely because it is not formulaic, and because it has to do with the quality of our experience as human beings and the degree to which we can pay attention to our lives, is truly universal […]